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Health Coaching

What is a Health Coach? 

Tony Sherock, LLC Health Coaching

Think of it this way…


As your health coach I promise to be in 3 places: in front of you to cheer you on, behind you to have your back, and next to you so that you’re not walking alone on your health & wellness journey. Accountability and consistency are EVERYTHING!

I’m sure you or someone you know has been told by a doctor that “You need to exercise more, eat better and reduce stress levels.” The problem is there’s no detailed game plan on HOW & WHAT specific skill sets are needed to successfully implement healthy behavior change. Kind of important when you are trying to prevent or manage chronic conditions (hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, overweight & obesity, etc.) THIS is where health coaching comes in. 


Health coaching is a daily, weekly, and monthly extension of that last office visit with your doctor in terms of incorporating simple and uncomplicated healthy lifestyle habits into your daily practice. 


We will co-create an action plan in alignment with your self-directed goals and vision for the future. You and I will identify barriers that prevent you from making progress, create positive self-talk habits, leverage your strengths, and establish a system of accountability in achieving a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.


Bottom Line: YOU are the expert of YOU. Change works when you are in the driver’s seat in the decision-making process. I’m the guest in the passenger seat supporting you along the way while taking out the feeling of overwhelm during the journey. Most importantly, we'll have FUN!      


To sum it up even more, you are investing a 3 month commitment to finally overcome obstacles or concerns that you may have been battling with for a long time. Best part is you’ll learn problem-solving strategies that you can take with you for a lifetime.



-A health plan designed just for YOU

-Mini-goal setting

-Stress Management techniques

-Mindset training

-Fitness education

-Food education

-Self-care direction

-Morning/Evening routine

-Better sleep techniques

Health Coach Packages 




Health Coaching



Health Coaching with Personal Training

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