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With the help of Tony, my overall physical and mental health has improved vastly. I am 8 months smoke free after being a decade long smoker. Instead of cereal for breakfast, I’ve replaced it with nutrient dense meals that has improved my overall alertness and eliminated the need for coffee. I also took up a fitness program that has given me more core strength and has helped me drop 30 lbs! Tony was not only supportive but very understanding that this was not going to be an overnight change. He showed patience and his helpful attitude gave me the courage to tackle personal struggles which led me to achieve a job in my chosen career.      


-Mark F.




Before working with Tony I lacked energy, felt weak, made poor eating choices and was nearly bed ridden due to my Fibromyalgia condition. In the past couple months he helped me realize that I had control of my vitality and illness. The part I enjoy most about training with Tony is the transparency he practices, knowing that my coach was dealing with an up hill battle, just as well as I was, encouraged me. I'm kept in the loop about his personal journey in self-improvement and it's so inspiring that Tony always shares his endeavors in promoting good health and fitness in his family. 


Since I began my family's health has improved and I met my weight loss goal with the help of a fitness program that helped me build muscle and strengthen my core. The workout program totally fit me and the level of intensity I needed. The fast, efficient fitness program found me that extra time to dedicate to my business & family. Tony introduced me to nutrient dense foods that filled the void of my unhealthy or missed meals, but most importantly this experience has helped me reclaim my life that I thought was defeated before it even really began. 


I now have a daily plan of action that helps me conquer the big and small, this experience not only helped my body, but even more, my mental state. My anxiety, depression and foggy mind is becoming a thing of the past. With my new found energy, flexibility, peace of mind and nutrition I feel like Super Woman who has mastered her kryptonite. Tony's nutritional advice helped me make better choices at the grocery store and even helped me eliminate healthy foods that were working against my condition. Thanks Tony!


-Jerisha G.




Being a corporate professional, I travel quite a bit in my role. After several years of traveling, I began to notice that I had put on several pounds and was beginning to struggle with physical tasks that used to be easy. In other words, I wasn't in the shape I used to be in and I knew it was a combination of the food I was eating and lack of regular exercise. My lifestyle had led me to eat in restaurants that serve larger than normal portions of high fat foods and I never wanted to workout because I was too tired.


I knew I needed some results but I wasn't sure where to start. Tony helped me figure out some goals and steps I would need to take to accomplish those goals. Similar to most people, I wanted to lose some weight and start to get into better shape.


We put together a basic plan that started with eating. I started making better choices while eating on the road & starting building better self control. My plan started with picking better places to eat or even traveling with my own food rather than buying a muffin at the airport. Also, I started to buy more nutritious foods at the grocery store rather than foods that were convenient. I quickly found out I liked the taste of many foods I had never considered trying before.


Next, I started a workout plan. Tony helped me realize that workouts need to be planned and written on my schedule if I wanted to make them a priority and actually complete them. Also, with the goals I set for myself, my workout schedule was more about consistency rather than intensity. I needed to schedule them 3-4 days a week and do more than just a treadmill or elliptical machine if I wanted results. I really started to enjoy my workouts and purchased some weights and other basic tools to do these workouts at home too. In addition, I made it a priority to pack workout clothes and keep my schedule of workouts while traveling.


A healthy lifestyle I soon discovered was not about giving things up but rather making better choices that become a habit rather than a diet that would end at some point. Also, I know I can have a bad day or week and then get back into the lifestyle I want to lead.


-Matt O.




Tony helped me with my fitness & nutrition goals from the start and has been there to support and motivate me. He takes time out of his day to see how my workouts are going and is always there to talk. Tony shows that he really cares and helps keep me excuses. Since working with Tony I have seen major success in a number of areas. I have gained more lean muscle, have been much better with food choices and avoiding soda. Tony taught me a lot about nutrition and a strong emphasis on the dangers of sugar.


-Gary S.





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