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Keynote Speaking

Keynote Speaking

I help busy professionals create tiny transformational habits so they can avoid burnout.
My mission is to empower you in cooking up your own personalized habit recipes that naturally blend into your lifestyle.

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Corporate Wellness Workshops

This is NOT your ordinary workshop lecturing nutrition and fitness facts that your employees will never implement. Information alone does not change behavior. Your employees will be given simple action steps they can implement immediately. Most importantly they will have fun putting their own personalized Habit Recipes together.


Corporate wellness workshops are based on the Tiny Habits method which focuses on helping busy professionals who feel overwhelmed on how to START a healthy lifestyle. I can help your employees eliminate common barriers such as TIME, MOTIVATION, and Negative Self-Talk while creating a simple, consistent and sustainable road to health.



Workshops are offered virtually or in-person for 60 minutes in length, but can be tailored to your needs.

Healthier Employees Equals:

*Less Stress Levels

*Higher Productivity

*Employee Retention

*Improved Workplace Experience

*Lower Healthcare Costs

Our wellness workshops within the corporate environment creates an incentive for more productive output from happy, healthy, and well-rounded employees. Healthy employees tend to be more productive, require fewer sick days and are less likely to call off due to injury or illness.

Implementing a wellness program can give your business the edge to compete and retain excellent talents in today’s job market.


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