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Health Coaching


Your 3 Month Program includes...

*Weekly 30-minute coaching sessions

   (12 sessions over the course of 3-months)

*Initial session providing guidance to establish clear intentions, challenges, priorities & goals

*Text and email support between sessions

*Simple actions steps, exercises, and techniques to help build foundational habits

*Personal tracking system that rewards you in keeping consistency toward specific goals


*Your personal coach to keep you accountable on your journey


*Personal commitment and attention to your health and success

What Happens During a Health Coaching Session:  


1. Weekly sessions via Zoom/Facetime or phone call.

2. Report progress, challenges, successes you experienced during the week.

3. Adjust & Assign: Make adjustments to the plan based on your progress report and discuss new mini goals for the upcoming week. 

4. Feedback on how you feel about any adjustments, and answer questions or concerns you may have moving forward.

5. Teach, Train, Talk through: I will follow up on feedback with any information, nutritional, fitness, exercise suggestions etc. Information could be a follow up email from coach to client to help with the upcoming week.

It’s one thing to touch up your outward appearance, to look like you have it all together. Feeling CONFIDENT on the inside is what you and I will be working on during 1:1 coaching. My goal for you is to feel a sense of relief in being fully understood during the journey, while increasing your energy and creating habits that easily blend into your existing lifestyle. It’s truly a fun and rewarding journey!

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