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Health Coaching with 
Personal Training


3-Month Package includes:

*30-minute weekly video based coaching sessions 

(12 sessions over the course of 3-months)

*Personal fitness training sessions each week

(12) 60-minute OR (24) 30-minute sessions over the course of 3-months)

*Email and text check-in support

*Provide you with information, research and /or videos per your goals and questions you may have


*Provide you with simple actions steps, exercises, and techniques to help build foundational habits


*Get personal commitment, support and attention to your health and success

 Together we can: 


-Create a personal coaching AND fitness plan tailored to your exact situation


-Help you make safe, sustainable changes that are best for your body


-Provide insight, inspiration, support and accountability to help you feel your best

What Happens During a Health Coaching Session:  


1. Weekly sessions via Zoom/Facetime or phone call.

2. Report progress, challenges, successes you experienced during the week.

3. Adjust & Assign: Make adjustments to the plan based on your progress report and discuss new mini goals for the upcoming week. 

4. Feedback on how you feel about any adjustments, and answer questions or concerns you may have moving forward.

5. Teach, Train, Talk through: I will follow up on feedback with any information, nutritional, fitness, exercise suggestions etc. Information could be a follow up email from coach to client to help with the upcoming week.

  What Happens During a Personal Training Session:  


1. Weekly sessions are done virtually via Zoom/Facetime.

2. Coach/Trainer will create personalized fitness program based on individualized goals with Client's own fitness equipment. Coach/Trainer does not provide fitness equipment for sessions.

3. Fitness sessions will consist of warm-up, personalized routine, cool down and/or self myofascial release.

My goal for you is to feel a sense of confidence having the accountability you desire regarding your fitness and personal goals. I look forward to moving you closer to creating positive habits that easily blend into your existing lifestyle. 

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