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Talk about a TIME SAVER and taking back ownership of your day by working out right in your own home! Basically you’re adding time to your day. Think about it, on average you spend;


  • 15 minutes picking out your gym accessories and packing your bag

  • 10 + minutes traveling to the gym

  • 10 minutes checking in and changing in the locker room

  • 5 minutes waiting for machines to be empty during your routine

  • 5 minutes taking selfies (you know I’m right, ha!)

  • 10 minutes packing everything up

  • 10 minutes traveling back home

  • 5 minutes unpacking

  • 20 minutes extra is typically spent on gym workouts compared to home based


Imagine what you can do with an EXTRA 90 MINUTES in your day!!! That is the length of most movies! 


REASONS why this is a very popular fitness option!


  • The gym is streamed to your phone, tablet, computer or tv

  • Fitness routines are provided step-by-step with modified moves

  • Fitness Schedule is provided, so there is no wasted time guessing on what to do, plus you get more out of your workout compared to doing it alone

  • Meal options provided for your program

  • 30 healthy meals provided



Busy professionals like you LOVE the convenience of getting workouts in from the comfort of home, whenever you want! No monthly gym fees & membership, no fighting through traffic, no babysitter to watch the kids, no waiting to get on a machine!


BONUS; it’s a great opportunity to lead by example and get the kids off their devices and get them physically moving since you’ll have access to family oriented fitness programs too. 

Step #1 - WORKOUT


After a free consultation, an at-home workout program can be recommended that is already planned out for you & that matches your skill level. There are a variety of programs to choose from, ranging from no impact training, yoga, resistance, dance, cardio, extreme & anything in between. Many of these programs won’t take up too much of your day either. Do you have 30 minutes to spare? Yep, I thought so. Trust me, 30 minutes & under can help you lose some serious weight while making you feel so much better.  



You want results? 80% of the deal here is your nutrition. There is absolutely no way around that one. A detailed nutrition guide will be provided for you along with your fitness program. Together, we will find what works for YOU! There is no “one size fits all” thinking here, because it DOES NOT work. Look at food as fuel for your body. You take care of your body & your body will take care of you!



The Accountability Group is a completely private page on Facebook. I will be with you step by step and offer DAILY guidance, support, motivation, & holistic nutrition information to make you a smarter shopper. The only people that will see your posts are others in the group who are on their journey to a healthier lifestyle, just like YOU. You have a cheering section as well, that’s because people who’ve already had success with the program will be in there supporting your daily progress. Good day or bad day, this is a NO JUDGEMENT ZONE! Bumps in the road are part of the journey. Shaking off a rough day & moving forward is key. That’s where accountability shines through.

Tony helped me with my fitness & nutrition goals from the start and has been there to support and motivate me. He takes time out of his day to see how my workouts are going and is always there to talk. Tony shows that he really cares and helps keep me excuses. Since working with Tony I have seen major success in a number of areas. I have gained more lean muscle, have been much better with food choices and avoiding soda. Tony taught me a lot about nutrition and a strong emphasis on the dangers of sugar.  -Gary S.

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