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3 Steps to Incorporate
PLAN Time, MOVE Time & YOU Time
into your morning.


Performing Daily Activities with Ease and WITHOUT PAIN. How does that sound? My approach to training is very simple; meet you at your current fitness level, create a step-by-step game plan, empower you to perform daily activities functionally through a combination of strength, core, balance, coordination, flexibility, and synergistic (working multiple muscle groups at once) training, and put a focus on proper Movement & Mobility (Self Myofascial Release-SMR). Fun, yet challenging.     


FUNCTIONAL FITNESS means training your body to be capable of performing real-life activities in real-life situations. Think about daily activities you take part in constantly. Playing with your kids, yard work, carrying the groceries (hopefully nutritious food!) into the house, and walking up & down the stairs should not cause you pain and discomfort. It's more about quality of movement and mobility. 


INTIMIDATED by the gym? You’re not alone, and I understand how you feel. A great training ground to build awesome confidence is in an environment that is a NO JUDGEMENT ZONE. You and I will train in a smaller, one-to-one gym setting to avoid the crowds. Perfect for building confidence as you become a stronger, healthier version of you. NO GYM MEMBERSHIP is required.


We will cover proper pre/post workout nutrition, along with meal options to get even more out of your workouts. REMINDER; we are keeping things SIMPLE, so no need to feel like EVERYTHING needs to change all at once.


I look forward to working with you!



With the help of Tony, my overall physical and mental health has improved vastly. I am 8 months smoke free after being a decade long smoker. Instead of cereal for breakfast, I’ve replaced it with nutrient dense meals that have improved my overall alertness and eliminated the need for coffee. My fitness program has given me more core strength and has helped me drop 30 lbs! Tony was not only supportive but very understanding that this was not going to be an overnight change. He showed patience and his helpful attitude gave me the courage to tackle personal struggles which led me to achieve a job in my chosen career.      


-Mark F.




Mercy Medical Center -TOLEDO

3930 Sunforest Court

Toledo, Ohio 43608


Mercy Medical Center -OREGON

3851 Navarre Ave

Oregon, Ohio 43616






By appointment only. There is NO gym membership fee for personal training sessions with me at any Mercy Health Center.

Your Home 





I can bring my fitness equipment to you & avoid the gym. Remember, you don’t really need the machines anyway. This option is dependent on location.

* Consultation meeting must be completed prior to booking a personal training session.


First initial consultation meeting is FREE (worth $50) to talk about your specific fitness goals & to get to know you better. From there, a tailor made exercise plan will be created just for you that will continue to change as you become stronger, healthier & more fit.

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