YOU ARE BUSY! Let’s start with the rough stuff. 


I AM                                  !


Fill in the blank. The word or phrase used after “I AM” speaks volumes on the emotions you are currently feeling and experiencing. Maybe words and phrases like tired, exhausted, overwhelmed, stressed, desperate, confused where to start, fearing change, out of control, just existing and not living, not disciplined, feeling guilty for taking time for yourself, limiting beliefs, lacking confidence in an area of your life, or not feeling appreciated come to mind.  


Now for some GREAT NEWS! You have TOTAL CONTROL over how you feel on a DAILY BASIS. 2 words…BABY STEPS. Seriously! Simplicity is well…pretty simple. You don’t get to the top of the steps by taking step #12 first. Nope, you start with step #1. 


WHAT A RELIEF, isn’t it? Knowing that a tiny series of baby steps with consistency over time to create life-changing habits is extremely comforting! Sounds much easier than mustering up this massive effort of changing EVERYTHING all at once, going too hard, too fast, too extreme…then crashing and burning in exhaustion 2 weeks later and starting over on Monday...AGAIN!  

Bottom Line: 

You have 2 choices since you know change needs to happen either way;

             1)  Continue doing what you’re doing with the understanding the more time that passes by of NOT making positive choices toward your health and wellness, you’re piling up extra days, weeks, months and years of more of the same mess.


            2) START. I know, very scientific, right? That start can be as simple as reaching out for help. Imagine where you’ll be in 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year from now by making the decision to invest in YOU.


My goal for you is to make HEALTH A HABIT by implementing positive changes WITHIN THE CONTEXT OF YOUR EXISTING LIFE. The idea of you finishing your “I AM” statement with an empowering, happy, confident, and badass kind of ending is what will put a smile on your face…and mine too!


I look forward to hearing from you. You got this!!!

© 2019 Tony Sherock, LLC

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