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Public Speaking

Public Speaking Consulting

Personalized Experience that will Build Upon your Skills so you can become the BEST!


Our goal is to prepare you to feel cool, calm, and confident as you enter the stage in front of hundreds of people, or speaking in a classroom, or presenting in a meeting with coworkers. Together we will work on areas where you feel there's a need for improvement on your overall delivery.


You will also learn how to strengthen priority areas which can include vocal variety, eye contact, facial expressions, body language, sentence fillers (um's, ugh's, etc.) comfort level, mindset, and storytelling to name just a few. Rehearsal and feedback continues throughout our sessions. 

The skills you learn will prepare you for any speaking engagement giving you the ability to share ideas with clarity and passion. 

How does it Work?

In our 1:1 sessions we will build a personalized development plan to help you meet your goals around public speaking. We will meet (either online or in-person) for 60-minute coaching sessions where you take part in speaking exercises to improve your presenting style, and/or practice for speaking events you've got coming up.

What's Included:

  • A tailored 6 week development plan

  • An Assessment of Needs session to personalize your areas of concern.

  • Weekly 1:1 coaching sessions (60 minutes each) with practical speaking exercises

  • Rehearsal and feedback during sessions

  • Mentoring materials, worksheets and exercises - including templates for structuring presentations 

  • Confidence-building techniques to implement during and in between our sessions

How do I book?

Book for a free 30-minute virtual meeting or phone consultation where we explore how to best help meet your goals.

Tony brings 19 years of classroom experience which includes teaching performance on & off camera. He currently delivers keynote presentations and workshops around topics such as health & wellness and student success. Tony works as a public speaking mentor and coach, and has worked as a broadcast television and radio anchor & reporter. 

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