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Kicking off 🏈FOOTBALL SEASON🏈 with a purpose!

Football is a lot like life. There’s ups & downs, but at the end of the day...consistency and game planning wins out. 

Goal Line Gang✨ online group starts on August 30th. Basically, we’re a group of football fans cheering or bitc*ing about our teams, friendly bantering, while focusing on a MINI GOAL that YOU want to complete or build as a habit. That’s it! Maybe you want to JUST START on a workout routine, drink more water, wake up earlier, read or write that book you've been procrastinating on, or purge junk from that room. Either way, we're keeping the goal super SIMPLE. So simple that you can't fail. I promise! All this while enjoying the college and pro football season. 

1. You enjoy football (even on a minor level)

2. Your health, wellness & success mindset are a priority (or you want them to be)

3. You have 1 (to no more than 3) MINI GOAL you want to solidify as a HABIT


Group is FREE. Interested in joining our team? Sign up below!  

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