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College Success Coaching

College Success Coaching (1:1 Coaching Program)

This program offers support in creating successful habits for students making the transition from high school to college and current college students. The goal is to empower you academically through a holistic approach to create habits and build confidence throughout your college journey.


Together we will work on creating successful habits in and out of the classroom to help you thrive personally during this challenging, exciting, yet scary next step in your life. This program has the option of working with the STUDENT ONLY or with parent support.

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*Initial coach session providing guidance to establish clear intentions, priorities, and goals


*Remaining 5 coaching sessions which can be utilized weekly, biweekly, or as needed throughout the semester (30-45 minutes per session)


*Email/Text Support between sessions


*Designing a Time Management game plan covering the full semester, weekly goals, and daily priorities


*Study Strategies 


*Study Environment Analysis for efficient study space and limiting distractions


*Utilizing Campus Resources (tutoring, writing center, etc.)


*Building early connections with your professors


*Tiny Habits for Self-Care and Stress Management 


*Your personal coach to keep you accountable, manage barriers along your journey, and assist with concerns you may have moving forward

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