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BEGINNING a life toward a healthy lifestyle is exciting, energizing and incredibly rewarding! It can also be confusing and frustrating if you are starting for the first time. Maybe you have the fitness routine down but want to add strategies in managing stress, create a healthier relationship with food, or build empowering morning, evening and sleep habits. Again, we are all beginners at something, so let’s embrace the change. 


The most important thing I want you to know is that your habits and behaviors have a dramatic influence on preventing, improving and managing chronic conditions (diabetes, high blood pressure, overweight & obesity for example). These habits and behaviors are what make up Lifestyle Medicine; evidence-based therapeutic approaches (physical activity, nutrition, sleep, stress management etc.) and non-drug modalities to prevent, treat and oftentimes reverse lifestyle-related chronic diseases. So yes…YOU have more control than you think!!! (see my "About Section" for my story in overcoming health concerns through lifestyle choices)   


You may be very conscious of where you are TODAY in terms of your overall physical, emotional, and mental health & wellness. You may also be fully aware there is a gap from where you are NOW, to where you WANT TO BE. The struggle is WHAT to do, HOW to do it, and in WHAT order to do them in.  


That’s exactly where I come in. Actually, it’s YOU & I doing it together. The plan is meeting you where you are today, discover what your vision of health is, and bridging the gap to get there while achieving specific personal goals that you decide on. We will accomplish this by incorporating tiny habits that flow right into your existing lifestyle and have fun doing it! 


 Mini Habits are my  JAM, because they work! it’s a passion of mine when it comes to building TINY healthy habits and turning them into a MIGHTY consistent lifestyle. I can help you do exactly that!


Think of it this way; it’s like having your own personal coach in the passenger seat supporting and guiding you while YOU drive the car. Having the keys in your hands allows you to feel complete autonomy and in control of your health.


Many more people are coming to the realization that having their own personal health coach and/or fitness trainer is incredibly beneficial in navigating through a very uncertain time in our history. 2020/21 has tested us all, so why not have extra support and rise through this as a healthier, more confident, and stronger YOU.